Medical Cannabis Evaluation and Consultation Wellness Center

No doubt about it, medical marijuana is the holistic/alternative medicine of the future. Financial incentives aside, in the end, medical cannabis does have many benefits for your patients you can research on your own. As a result, we know both you and your patients are eager to gain the benefits by starting your own medical cannabis evaluation and consultation wellness center as an add-on to your current medical practice or as a standalone business.

Synergy Health offers the best way possible to join this thriving niche. We are not a franchise in the traditional sense. As an affiliate associate of Synergy, you will receive all the support starting up and through the life of your business all for a small monthly fee that will cover everything like administration support, business development, operations, human resources/staff training, and more. Its all for one low fee.

Want to learn more about Synergy Health? Read about us and what we provide. Compare us to other franchise-based business models you might run into.

We know you’ll be glad you chose us!

About Us

Synergy Health is a physician’s trusted partner in discreetly navigating and succeeding in the complex but booming world of medical cannabis. We know your patients are already seeking your recommendation for medical cannabis for help with their specific symptoms and conditions. In this well-connected world, it’s hard to miss the benefits of medical cannabis waiting for them. However, we are also aware of its implications for your practice.

Synergy is here to help! We can provide you with a comprehensive set of support services from administration to marketing so you can make the most of this thriving, new niche and provide your patients with the best options possible

What We Provide

Imagine every start-up service you will need to both launch and manage your medical marijuana clinic. Synergy provides a wide-ranging array of services like business development, operations, human resources/staff training, marketing, and product training, among many others. Even better, our unique affiliate model means low-to-zero startup costs like no franchise fees and no monthly licensing fees.


Synergy Health offers a completely unique non-franchise model. Therefore, there are:

  • Low-to-zero start-up fees
  • No limitations on your medical practice’s scope
  • Affiliate-based/Performance-based advertising
  • No high convention fees (up to $5,000 annually)
  • One-on-one top-level training customized for you
  • Comprehensive training for your staff
  • Full HIPAA compliance training
  • Full strategic planning and support