Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be Recreational Marijuana Shops by Early 2018?
  • We Doubt It! Every single written account of the Golden State’s expansion into the recreational cannabis market includes the time frame “until at least January 2018” for implementation. While some optimists interpret that to mean January 2018, the fact is it may take months, or even years, to iron out the details.
Benefits of Having Your MMJ Card in 2018
  • There are several advantages to getting a medical cannabis card in 2018 and beyond.
Lower Age Limit
  • Californians 18 or older can legally purchase medical marijuana with a cannabis recommendation or ID card while recreational users must be at least 21 years of age.
Service Continuity
  • Like any patient who’s happy with his or her health provider, you don’t want to rock the boat. Having your cannabis card in 2018 guarantees you consistent quality cannabis and unchanging prices.
  • Carrying your weed card on your person ensures your right to consume and carry medical marijuana freely, like an imaginary barrier from law enforcement harassment.
Lower Prices
  • Recreational pot will be subject to significant sales taxes, costing 14-20% more than medical marijuana.
  • Getting your California MMJ evaluation and rec online in minutes hard to resist. No more having to search online for “medical marijuana evaluations nearby.” Complete the process from anywhere with an internet connection and a webcam. After approval, you can start ordering your favorite strains, vapes, edibles, drinkables, tinctures and other products.
No MMJ Limits:
  • Although recreational users will be limited to possessing one ounce of flower or eight grams of cannabis concentrates, MMJ patients can still purchase and carry as much cannabis medication as required for their treatment. Recreational edibles will be capped at 10mg individual doses, though MMJ edibles will continue to be more potent and offered in varying strengths. Medical cannabis patients can also grow more than the 6 plant limit for recreational users. In fact, you can grow as much as you want in a 100 square foot space, although it’s unclear what will happen to cultivation licenses in California come 2018.
Do I need an appointment?
  • You can schedule a video chat with our licensed physicians for a medical marijuana evaluation. We also do walk-ins, and appointments at our local clinics.
What do I need to bring for my evaluation?
  • For your evaluation bring a valid California ID, your old recommendation or medical records for new patients.
Can I renew if it is expired?
  • As long as you’ve had a recommendation before we can do a renewal no matter if it is expired or from another doctor.
Can I renew if it is from another Doctor?
  • Yes, we can renew from other doctors, as long as you’ve had one before.
What if my license is from out of state?
  • If you can provide proof of California residence you can still be evaluated. Examples of proof of residency are: a utility bill, paycheck or pay stub, hunting license, affidavit from a homeless shelter, conceal carry license, residential lease, IRS check, student ID, or bank statement.
How long is the recommendation good for?
  • The recommendation is valid for a year.
Will my recommendation be verifiable 24/7?
  • Yes, you can be verified on our online verification system 24/7 or by phone during our normal business hours if necessary.
When will I receive my official medical recommendation letter and card?
  • Yes, once you have been evaluated and approved you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation certificate via email within 30 minutes. The physical copy will arrive in 3-5 business days. We also offer expedited shipping options.

Patients in California diagnosed with the following ailments qualify for California Medical Marijuana law:

Any chronic or debilitating disease or treatment of such diseases: